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Jenny's Trip to Bend, Oregon in 10ish Pics!

Andrew and I love snowboarding and we've gone to Colorado quite a bit so we decided to switch it up this year and head out to Bend, Oregon to check out Mount Bachelor. We ended up having the greatest luck with the days we were there because there was a TON of snow and powder days are the best :) Andrew managed to get a wonderful "beardsicle" each day due to the snowy conditions.

One day was blue skies and they opened the Summit! Which we learned is very rarely open so we got lucky. This is us at the very top, which you have to hike up a bit to get there.

We could only see the Summit that day. Normally there are storm clouds covering it. The first 3 days we couldn't see anything above the treeline so when it finally appeared on our drive, it was such a gorgeous sight!

Our friend David lives in Bend with his wife now so he met up with us one day!

And I made a TikTok at the beginning of the week saying if anyone wants to snowboard with us to hit me up! And just like that, these guys from California became our friends and did some runs with us one day.

This trip wasn't just about snowboarding. We hit up so many local spot as well. My personal favorite was Sparrow Bakery where I got the "Ocean Roll" and it was one of the best baked items I've ever had. Andrew got a ham and cheese croissant, he also thought it was amazing.

Bend has a ton of great breweries and cocktail lounges. Bend Brewing was one of my favorites and would be so fun to hang out at in the summer!

This was at a cocktail lounge called Dogwood where I had a phenomenal jalapeno margarita.

We also hiked Smith Rock State Park. Pictures don't do it justice.

If you look real hard, you can see me standing out on one of the rocks. The rock formation on the right is called "Monkey Face Rock" because, well it's obvious, it looks like a monkey face.

Our last night we bopped around a place called McMenamin's. It's an old Catholic school turned into a bunch of restaurants, bars, hotel, soaking pool, speakeasy and more! We had a ton of fun finding the "Broom Closet" speakeasy and had a great meal at the Pub. This is a must see place if you ever go to Bend!

And you can't go to Bend without stopping at the last Blockbuster. It's definitely a quick tourist stop but worth it if you have 15 minutes to spare.

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