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Jenny's Weekend in Five Pics: 9/10 - 9/12

Started the weekend off by heading to the Twins game to see Dave throw out the first pitch. Disclaimer, I had to leave before he actually pitched it because the game was so delayed from the rain but I saw the video and he absolutely nailed it!

Saturday, Andrew and I swung by Falen's art fair. Andrew loved this painting and bought it! It's of Lake Tahoe so we're going to put it up in the basement where we will have more of a cabin/ski/snowboard vibe!

Sunday I did the Square Lake Triathlon. I only told Andrew and my trainer I was doing it because sometimes being in radio and in the public eye, I feel more pressure when I talk about certain things in my life so I kept this one to myself and then sent family and friends pictures after I crossed the finish line! I wrote a separate blog about some tips and things I learned from doing this triathlon that you can read here!

Andrew was my number one (and only) cheerleader and I couldn't ask for a better partner to be there to support me :)

Right after the race we headed to Andrew's Grandpa's birthday brunch!

And then we ran off to Cowboy Jack's to watch the Vikings vs Packers game. Was a tough day for Packers fans....

I had some drinks to celebrate my race so when we left Cowboy Jack's I made it about 2 seconds in the car before passing out and of course Andrew had to get this picture of me, lol.

I took Monday off since Sunday was such a packed day for me but am excited to be back tomorrow morning!

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