Jenny's 20 Reasons Why a Burrito is Better Than a Boyfriend

I have admitted on-air that I like to come home after a night out and eat a burrito, and sometimes fall asleep with it. So I decided to make a list of reasons why a burrito is better than having a boyfriend:

  1. A burrito’s always warm
  2. A burrito doesn’t have children with other burritos I don’t know about
  3. I know where the burrito was last night
  4. A burrito doesn’t leave a mess all over my bed
  5. A burrito’s not living at home with mom burrito
  6. I know that a burrito isn’t sliding into other burritos DMs
  7. A burrito can’t ruin my credit
  8. You don’t have to tell a burrito to go wash first
  9. A burrito ALWAYS pleases me
  10. When I’m done with a burrito, I don’t have to worry about him calling me
  11. A burrito doesn’t get mad if I try other burritos
  12. I always know how much a burrito’s going to cost me
  13. A burrito doesn’t ask me if it’s better than other burritos
  14. A burrito doesn’t steal my Netflix password
  15. A burrito is nice to my cat
  16. I don’t have to buy a burrito a present on its birthday
  17. I’m not embarrassed if a burrito sees a naked picture of another burrito on my phone
  18. A burrito doesn’t ask if he’s the biggest burrito I’ve ever had
  19. A burrito never gave me no disease
  20. I expect a burrito to make a mess on my face



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