Steve Lacy SMASHES phone on stage

Steve Lacy is quickly rising up the ranks in the music world. His album Gemini Rights will definitely get nominated for something, and "Bad Habit" is being played on almost radio station across the country.

However, fans were in for a little bit of Steve's spicy side the other night.

While performing in New Orleans, he stopped the show after someone threw something on the stage (some say phone, some say disposable camera, I guess it's up for interpretation.)

He proceeded to ask for the person's phone and SLAMMED it onto the stage, absolutely destroying it.

He then left, and eventually came back to finish performing, saying that while this person deserved love, she also "deserved to be punished in the moment."

What do you think? Was Steve out of pocket for this? Personally, I get not wanting people to throw stuff on stage, but destroying someone's property feels like a bit much.

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