NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys Have Dropped!

If you're like me, nothing quite tickles your fancy like a really cool hockey jersey.

Well, the NHL just dropped their Reverse Retro series for the year, and here are a few of my favorites!

(Disclaimer for my Minnesota listeners... no Wild jersey in this mix. I thought the white version from last year was WAY better.)

This Islanders fisherman jersey goes way too hard. Plus I love the navy!

The San Jose Sharks gave a nod to the California Golden Seals and it just looks clean. Love the teal!

The Avs NAILED this one. Finally, getting the colors of the state flag fully incorporated into a jersey!

Johnny Canuck makes an appearance for Vancouver. Love the vintage vibe.

This wins. This is the best. The Florida Panthers have the hardest jersey in the league.

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