E. White's Top 10 Things about Minnesota

It's crazy that I'm coming up on a year in Minnesota, like it happened so fast. It might have to do with things being shut down like 2 months into me being here, but it probably makes sense!

Even through everything, I've discovered such amazing things here. Here's my Top 10!

The Welcome Sign


It's literally better than any welcome sign in the country. DON'T @ ME, WISCONSIN.

Juicy Lucys

We stuff burgers with cheese here. How can that not be the best thing ever?

The North Shore

I literally still dream about this trip. I feel like this is a rite of passage trip for Minnesotans and transplants. Grand Marais makes me all tingly inside.

The Beer

The craft beer scene here deserves to be recognized as one of the best in the COUNTRY. Whether it's the big boys like Surly or Summit, or some of the smaller ones like Modist and Bad Weather, there's ALWAYS a great taproom to hit up.

Here's my top 5 in the state actually!

Lake Days on Minnetonka

It makes me feel boujee, I don't know why. But taking a day in one of the surrounding towns like Wayzata or Excelsior is always a good time.

Winter stops NO ONE.

Ask any Minnesotan: cold is not cold until you've experienced Minnesota cold.

However, despite negative numbers, nothing stops Minnesotans from having a good time in the frozen tundra.

I mean, other than Alaska, where do you see DOG SLED RACES?


If you follow me on TikTok, you know I'm a diehard hockey fan, so moving to Minnesota was a dream. Everyone's so passionate about the sport on every level, from pros, to high school! Plus, I could walk to the U of M campus from my apartment to catch a Gopher game, so once we're allowed to do the whole "going places" thing again, I'm gonna have to get season tickets


The one thing I love about the Cities is that you can have that urban feel, and then find an amazing park within minutes. Plus, you head up north to all the lakes, North Shore, and Voyageurs National Park, you feel transported to a much simpler, chiller life.

The X Games!

I've been coming up to Minneapolis for the X Games since they started here, even before I moved. The skate culture is super strong in Minnesota (the Cities and Rochester especially!) so it's really cool to see how the culture can grow even more with the biggest skateboarding event in the world being held here!



The Passion

People are so passionate about being from Minnesota, and they want you to love it as much as they do.

From the teams, to their favorite small towns, to the State Fair, people LOVE IT HERE.

They make it so easy to want to live here, and even easier to never want to leave!

One listener told me "Minnesotans will find Minnesota, no matter where they're from."

Honestly, I feel at home here!

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