Great resources for Indigenous People's Day

Today is Indigenous Peoples Day, a day to celebrate and appreciate the history and culture of indigenous nations throughout the world.

However, it's also a day for education, a day to recognize that indigenous nations have been through some of the worst things this world has ever seen as a result of colonization, broken promises, and much more.

If you don't know where to start, here's a couple of resources were recommended to me:

The Native Land App is an app you can get on Androids or Apple. It shows what nation the land belongs to, and has links to show the nation's history.

Amnesty International has a write up on how to be a genuine ally to indigenous people. You can find that here!

I also found this write up from a Canadian organization called Physiotherapy, I found this really helpful.

Vice did some great work a few years ago on the topic as well.

Check it out!

Education is the first step to being an effective ally to any community. I hope this helps!

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