My Favorite Juicy Lucys in the Twin Cities SO FAR...

Ok, I’ve been here about 6 weeks, and I’ve pounded more Juicy Lucys than one probably should. Playing foodie is fun but my bank account and my body is ready to fight me. Worth it? 1000%. Here’s my Top 3 so far:

1. Matt's Bar: THE CLASSIC. Quintessential when you get into town. It feels like you've been transported to the 60s and you're in your mom's basement but your mom has a flat top grill and Grain Belts everywhere.

2.Pepper's and Fries: I found this place by accident. My girlfriend and I were looking for a brunch spot in Longfellow and the spot was PACKED, so we found this place down the street instead. IT WAS SO GOOD.

3.Groveland Tap: Fantastic atmosphere, great place just to hang out. The Juicy is fantastic. ST. PAUL DESERVES LOVE!

Let me know what you're favorite is!

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