E. White's Weekend in 5 Photos: 2/14-2/17


Shout out to Public for kickin' off the weekend right with a studio session. They killed it. Also, me and the bass player Matt nerded out about the Red Hot Chili Peppers (they're like my favorite band ever.)

Elise came down early this weekend so we could have some extra time with Valentine's Day and everything!

I live right by Anchor in Northeast, and she loves it. She studied abroad in Ireland while she was in college, and it reminds her of one of the pubs she used to hang out at. Had to grab a Kilkenny, it's a great Irish beer!

Ironically, we started dating on Feb. 15th, so we decided to celebrate with an adventure down to Minnehaha Falls (I hadn't been yet!)

Did I fall a million times on the ice? Absolutely. Was it worth it? Damn right!

So I had to flex a little bit. I've never been able to afford a fancy dinner until recently, so I really wanted to do it up for El on Saturday. We went to Tullibee over in the North Loop, they're kind of this new age Scandinavian farm-to-table place. SO GOOD.

My bank account was crying because I spent $191 on dinner but STILL DELICIOUS. Really worth it for a special occasion or if you got the company card.


That is all. Glam Doll slaps.

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