E. White's Sips of the Weekend, Vol 2.

Only two picks this week! Kept it pretty low-key, but still had time to find some really good stuff.

BlackStack Brewing, Saint Paul

I've had a beer from them previously, but never been to the taproom. I don't know what it is with Twin Cities breweries and having tons of plants, but I'm into it.

I had their BLUBLOCKERS sour, it's a blueberry wine hybrid. Super sweet, but really tart, too. Good balance! It'll put you to sleep, though... 9.3%!

Check out some of their stuff here!

FRGMNT Coffee, North Loop

I'm usually not the biggest fan of local shops that don't roast their own beans, but with FRGMNT, after talking to the peeps that run it, they really want to showcase a lot of different types of coffee brands from around the world. Being a multi-roastery shop is something I can roll with... and they do a REALLY good job with it. Their cold brew is phenomenal, and they make a mean latte, too.

They're a little hard to find, as they're in the lower level of an apartment complex next to a food court type thing, but certainly worth it once you find them!

Check them out here!

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