E. White's Weekend In 5 Photos: Beer, Hockey and Dogs? Do you need more???

Well, the first full week in the Twin Cities was crazy busy! Any time you start a new gig, as I'm sure you know, there's a significant adjustment period. I'm definitely still in that, but things are going great so far.

Luckily, I got some time to do some things in my neighborhood and beyond.

My weekend's usually start out by FaceTiming this cutie. That's my girlfriend Elise, she's still in Des Moines for a few months, but will be moving in with me soon! She's actually from here so it's super nice when she hits me with ideas and such.

(That pic was from a few months back, here's the best from this weekend.)

I worked most of Saturday, as I actually do shows across the country on the weekends, and because of some people calling out, I was there a lot longer than I wanted to be. Meaning that Sunday and Monday needed to be taken full advantage of!

Last week, everyone gave me a TON of brewery suggestions, so I had to start somewhere! Shout out to Sadie and Nikki for recommending Lakes and Legends in Loring Park. Their taproom is SO DOPE. Beer isn't too shabby either! I really like their St. Gail and their Hazy IPA. Both really distinct and easy to drink. Even if you don't like IPAs, you'll probably like the Hazy!

Living in the Northeast is perfect for me. It's the best blend of hipster and blue collar, old school neighborhood combined into one. Everyone told me I had to slide into Kramarczuk's over on Central Ave. It did not disappoint! I used to work in a neighborhood in Philly that has the highest concentration of Polish immigrants in the US, so if there's a Polish restaurant, rest assured I'm gonna CRUSH IT.

Wrapped up my Sunday in the presence of the queen: Annie. Elise's family has kind of taken me in as one of their own, so they invited me for dinner on Sunday. Annie is literally the most important member of that family, so here she is, in all her glory.

I feel like moving to the State of Hockey and not catching some sort of game in the first week is just disrespectful. So, SUPER last minute, I bought tickets to a Wild game this weekend. That place is a cathedral for hockey, I love the high school jerseys in the lobby! The squad lost, but it's good to see some rowdy fans who love their hockey.

Well, that's it for the weekend! BYE!!!

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