Making getting in shape EASIER this year!

I'm feeling very list-y since the New Year started, I won't lie   

One of my big passions is personal fitness, as I used to be a powerlifter in college.

(#TBT to when I was a beast below)

And the weird fitness journey I went on as a kid (I DEFINITELY have gained weight since the last picture lol)

Man, I miss those days. Not the injuries, but everything else! We were all super encouraging, always trying to get stronger and put up more weight every week.

But much like any other working person, lately, working out has kind of gone to the wayside. I don't follow my powerlifting regimens any more, mostly to prevent injury. I had problems with my shoulder in college, so after I stopped lifting competitively, it took me a minute to get back on track. I'm still trying to, as the last few months with work have been CRAZY (Fall is our busiest time of year!)

So, I, and maybe you, as well, am hitting the reset button right now, getting back to the grind, and focusing on my health more.

We're not alone! 71% of people say their #1 New Year's Resolution is eating healthier, and #2 is exercising more at 65%.

The good thing is that I have had experience with this kind of stuff before, but for some people, they're going into getting in shape like it's Bird Box, and they may need a little guidance.

Well, I'm no personal trainer, but I might know a thing or two that could help you!

In stereotypical Buzzfeed list fashion, here are some ways to make getting in shape easier for you... and me!

Set a Schedule

There's very few things on this list that I consider to be a MUST for getting in shape.


Going to the gym at a certain time every day (or however many times you want to go... I suggest 4 times a week) creates a routine. When you have a routine, it forces your brain to remember it, making it easier to continue it!

Whether it's 7 AM or 8 PM, if you set that time in your schedule, it will help!

With that being said...

Work Out EARLY

This is more from experience for me, because I used to workout late at night. After switching to early, I honestly like it so much better.

I know a 6 AM workout seems AWFUL, but I'm telling you, once you get past the first five minutes of hating your life, you'll be ok. Much like scheduling a time to work out, it's all about making it routine.

TIP: Put your alarm clock/phone AWAY from your bed, so you're forced to get up to turn it off!

Keep a Journal

One of the most satisfying things for me when I work out is when I'm lifting something that I couldn't lift the week before. For you, this may be an extra set of squats, three more pull ups, a shorter mile time, losing a couple pounds.

WHATEVER KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED, WRITE IT DOWN. It not only tracks your progress, but helps you set goals as well!

Do something you LIKE

You don't have to lift! Do something you enjoy: Basketball, running, swimming, yoga. As long as your active consistently! No one wants to be bored doing a workout. It shouldn't feel like you need to do this or else you die   . 


This is more of my nutritionist friend's advice (thanks, Mark lol).

Dieting is a temporary fix to a permanent thing. Diets end, but you don't just magically stay in that shape after the diet. You have to keep with it, and I'm sure as much as you love quinoa and sweet potatoes and grilled chicken, you're gonna get bored of it!

Instead, just make changes.

Eat healthier, chew gum to stop you from eating when you're bored, cook more, eat two Girls Scout Cookies instead of a sleeve, only one drink instead of a bottle of wine. 

These things can really help you!

TIP: Turn your consistent cravings into treats/cheat meals. Have it as like a high five for working hard at the end of the week.

Get Support and Be Supportive

Everyone needs encouragement, y'know? This could be a personal trainer, or just a friend!

Myself and my friends Brian and Rob would car pool to the gym every day at 8 AM when I lived in Philly, that way it forced us to get there!

And of course, you get what you give. Encourage others that may need help.


If someone asks for help, do it! Or if they look like they're legitimately struggling, either with a machine or need a spot for some heavy weight, be there for them.

I read this piece this morning from a friend's Facebook that kind of inspired this whole post, it's almost like a do's and don'ts of how to be at a gym, on a trail, etc.

Now then...


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