Woman Crush Wednesday! Top 5 Wealthiest Couples!

You know how when that friend of yours meets that hot doctor and you're like "well, she's set for life." Or you're the hot doctor and your boy's friends are all super jealous that his lady is rollin' in the dough!

Well, imagine that except you're Beyonce. Or Jay-Z. And like you have more money than a city.

Well, Forbes and The Telegraph have released the wealthiest couples in all of celebrity land... and it's a surprise at #1!!!

Yes... Snapchat Co-Founder Evan Spiegel and former Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr are the world's wealthiest couple...

AT $2.7 BILLION!!!

DAMN that's healthy!

Following up after them to no surprise is Bey and Jay, at $1.92 billion.

Also on the list were David and Victoria Beckham at $900 million, and Kim and Kanye at $330 million!

Woman Crush Wednesday is brought to you by Christopher's Fine Jewelry!

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