Woman Crush Wednesday!!! ROYAL WEDDING TINGS!

Well, the big day for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle goes down this weekend!!!

And obviously, the drama is still swirling...

Last week, there was a lot of news regarding Meghan's father, Thomas, not walking her down the aisle on her big day, due to media bothering him too much. Apparently, according to Marie Claire, all the media attention frustrated Thomas, and he "hates the idea of missing one of the greatest moments in history and walking my daughter down the aisle."

However, it seems like another reason why he may not be at the wedding at all is because he suffered a heart attack about a week ago, and will be undergoing surgery.

Meghan and her father, Thomas.

Despite all this, it seems like Meghan is trying not to let anything ruin her special day!

You can catch the Royal Wedding on all major news networks at 3 a.m...

Yes... 3 AM!!!

However, you can watch the playback later in the day if you want to sleep in. Also, the Royal Mile downtown will be having a watch party as well if you want to partake with a pint or two!

As always, Woman Crush Wednesday is brought to you by Christopher's Fine Jewelry!

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