Eric's Weekend Rundown: 1.12 to 1.14

My go-tos this week (four per week, get your spot featured next week!): The Lift, Sunday Night. It's movie night! Once I'm done watching football for the day, I'd swing by for their happy hour (which goes til midnight) and a throwback movie!

Des Moines Social Club has a Jazz and Roots Happy Hour every Friday! Good music and good drinks is always a move. Plus, they have Adam Bruce coming in 

The Exchange is a fun place if you're looking to really party. The stock exchange themed bar changes prices in drinks as the night goes on, some lower, some higher, so watch out! (Also, be careful of mixing too many different things!)

Brenton Skating Plaza is in the midst of their Winter Games! Definitely check that out!


Cinch's World's Toughest Rodeo, Friday and Saturday, 7:30 PM

Coralville Winterfest, Sunday!


Iowa State vs. Baylor @ Hilton Coliseum. Tickets here!

Drake vs. Evansville @ Knapp Center. Tickets here!


Iowa vs. Purdue @ Carver. Tickets here!

Drake vs. Indiana State Friday, vs. Evansville Sunday @ Knapp Center. Tickets here!

Got more suggestions? Hit us up @KISS1075 on Twitter, @1075kissfm on Instagram, or on Facebook with your spot!

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