E. White grew up in Philadelphia, and has always been drawn to the little things that make a big city feel a little smaller. He notices details that are often overlooked. A skatepark built under a highway overpass looks like a collection of graffiti to some, but becomes a place to capture friendships, rivalries and community to E. White. The people next to him on the train don’t fade into the background- E. takes the time to learn their stories. The details he picks up about these places and people are what makes him so easy to accept into so many different communities. E. White makes everybody feel like they’ve known him forever within just a few minutes. He does the work and dives into the communities he’s a part of. One of his favorite parts of working in radio is having the platform to share the stories of the places and people he meets. And having the platform of social media communities like Instagram and TikTok only enhance the work that he does on and off the air.

If you see E. White around town, you’ll probably catch him at a corner coffee shop getting some work done, at a local show or dive bar having a few tall boys, or prepping his next trip to a national park. He’s a diehard hockey fan, so any chance he can get somewhere to catch a game, he takes it. But more often than not, his happy place is playing some guitar or cooking a TikTok recipe with his partner Elise and their dog Gordie.