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Drake's Very Stream Filled Weekend in Five Clips

It was a VERY chill weekend for me where all I really did was stream pretty much all weekend.

I took one of the longest 'naps' I think I've ever taken Friday night and it was glorious. From 2 PM to 8 PM LOL

I'm gonna be posting some highlight clips from my stream again because I really didn't have a lot of things to take pics of.

This was from when I was chasing someone on a motorcycle thru some sketchy tunnels and epically failing!

Everyone seemed to love me driving this stupid 3 wheel looking car that is used for 'Parking Enforcement' and I'm gonna be honest it is pretty funny to drive it lol

Here's me yelling at someone for parking like a Jack*** & them flipping me off haha

I did accomplish something on Saturday and it was hanging up a new 'Curtain' for when the sun is BLASTING thru my blinds.

And yes, it's being held with Tape

Ended the weekend with some Minecraft which I hadn't played in a LONG time. It was quite the adventure.

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