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Drake's Streaming Weekend in Five Clips

So I decided that since I don't always have the best pics for my weekend since I stream a lot, I decided to switch it up and show you some highlights from my streams this weekend instead! I mixed in a couple of pictures as well and i'll do my best to give you some context but check em out!

Had a lot of support this weekend with 'Hype Trains' on Twitch which are basically events that get triggered when people subscribe / donate $$$ in a certain amount of time so this is me celebrating and making a fool of myself while doing that haha!

I was REALLY feeling the sun on Saturday so here's a dope pic of me

I do a lot of 'Grand Theft Auto Roleplay' where I basically pretend to be a character and live a separate life. A lot of people don't understand it but it's basically 'Acting' if you will.

here's a clip of me getting called out for being a 'Undercover Cop' while I was trying to get dirt on someone to take them to jail!

I made spaghetti this weekend and actually put MEATBALLS in it. Gamechanger.

Finally, I have a close friend I play with on GTA where we give each other crap a lot while we're playing, this is me pretending to be excited to see him then acting disappointed. He hates me haha

And that's it.

I thought this would be a lot better way to showcase my weekend when I stream rather then me just take a picture of my new candle and act like I'm super pumped about it lol

Have a great week!

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