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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures...Meeting Baby Gwendolyn!

Before we get started here...

Weeks ago, when I was trying to decide whether to visit Chase and Maddie and Baby Gwen as soon as she was born OR to wait for a few week until things settled down, I asked on the radio which I should do.

Overwhelmingly, people told me "Wait a while...Mom will need some time, and so will dad and baby." I believe you were right because I waited two weeks and everything was great.

First of all, she's the sweetest, best little baby. Never cries, so expressive with her little face and little coos! She loves looking at people and even smiles! Loved holding her almost as much as Susan did! :)

Here are five pictures (and a few extra! I couldn't resist!) from the weekend!

I've put a ton of pictures and a video of me first holding Gwen for the first time on my Instagram @daveryankdwb but here's a bonus. Chase and his cat Mavis and me with Gwen.

Chase and I doing a little celebrating on Friday night!

Chase, Maddie, Mavis and Gwen enjoying a little floor time!

I came out to help Chase with any projects around the house, so we went to Home Depot to pick up some shelving and hooks for the garage.

Hanging shelving from the garage roof. Well, it would have been super-cool if we'd been able to but the studs weren't the right distance apart and it was getting complicated so we're gonna hire a professional to do that one!

But we did manage to hang these and get their yard tools and skateboards off the floor!

Susan got an adorable smile out of Gwen!

And I made a crock pot dinner for everyone on Sunday...

Crock pot cheeseburger hotdish! I'll put the recipe below!

Before I forget, here's the crock pot cheeseburger recipe!

And that's it! It was a wonderful weekend and we're so happy to get to spend time with Chase, Maddie and Gwen!

I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the summer weather. Have a great week and thanks as always for looking at my pictures!


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