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Dave’s Hawaii Vacation in a Bunch a Pictures!

Just got back Sunday morning from an overnight flight from Hawaii. It still amazes me that in just 12 hours, you can go from a tiny, remote island, over thousands of miles of open ocean, safely home and it’s no big deal. Wow!

We really hadn’t been anywhere other than a radio convention in Texas in over a year so this was a big treat! Let’s dive into those pictures!

Lookin’ super-sexy at the photo spot at the hotel. Yes, I was the palest person in Hawaii.

Rode a motorcycle to the top of Haleakala in Maui. It was twisty and turny and hilly and awesome! Even rode through and above the clouds!

I took a ukulele lesson.

This is me in the middle of a 3 mile run along the beach. Shout of Taco John’s for the hat!

We did an outrigger canoe whale-watching tour.

Saw quite a few whales and sea turtles which was super cool. The problem is, they don’t hold still for pictures very well so I didn’t get any good ones. Just other people in the boat. LOL!

Here’s the motorcycle we rented. Whenever a local took our picture they asked us to do that hand sign with the finger and the thumb. I know it’s cool and all but I felt stupid every time I did it.

This burger place was recommended by a really good friend and the ride there was awesome but the burgers were nothing to write home about. I will say that I dumped the bike over in the rocky parking lot and that didn’t add to the experience.

This dinner was MUCH better! LOL!

And here’s a nice sunset picture on our last night. A good way to wrap up this blog!

Thanks for looking at my pictures! See you this week on the radio!


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