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Dave’s Baby Shower Weekend With Chase

Chase is having a baby! Well, actually it’s his wife Maddie that’s doing the actual baby-carrying and pushing but you get the idea!

Susan, Carson and I flew to Phoenix for the baby shower this past weekend. Let’s look at the pictures!

Let’s back up to Friday. My children’s book “Little Dave’s Amazing Day” came back from the printer! I went to the book warehouse to see it and pick up a box of book! I’m so happy with it and proud of it! The artwork totally makes the book and I love the few “Easter Eggs” in the artwork. It’ll be for sale in just a few days!

Here we are at the baby shower. I’d never been to one before and it was so fun. Games and contests and food and meeting the other side of the family.

We rented an Air BnB and it had a pool. Carson and I dared each other to get in and we did for just a few seconds cuz it was COLD! Only about 50 degree weather. And yes, I realize how pale my legs are.

Damn, that’s cold! Pretty sure this pool isn’t heated!

Saturday we went out for sushi. For me, the more exotic and weird it is, the more I like it. I have no idea what all is on here but it’s nigiri and it was delicious!

Watching the game at Chase’s house.

Just me and the boys.

I asked Chase to show us around the TV station where he’s a reporter/anchor. It was so cool!

You might have heard me tell the story about how when I was 21 and moving from Colorado Springs to Vegas for my first morning job, my boss gave me a nice pen as a going-away present. I have saved it for all these years. Last year I gave it to Carson and told him it’s a very special pen. He uses it every day to write in his planner and I just love that!

And that’s it! Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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