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Dave’s Magic Convention Weekend in Way More Than Five Photos!

How was it?

Thanks for asking!

It was GREAT! I loved it! I was at Magifest in Columbus, Ohio since last Wednesday and it was great in every way. I love magic and to get spend four days doing all the magic stuff I wanted was pretty great! Here are a bunch of pictures from the trip!

The view out my hotel window of Columbus. The weather in Columbus is rotten in the winter but I didn’t care! (Even though I look pissed!)

Just a selfie right after I got there. There were over 1000 people there. Mostly guys but a surprising number of women and lots of younger people too. So nerdy, yes, but some pretty cool looking nerds! :)

Had dinner with these guys and talked magic.

This is James. James had no filter and made fun of the magician onstage who forgot to button the bottom two buttons on his shirt. 30 minutes into that session, James got bored and said, “I’ve had about all I can take of this s**t” and he left! Loved James!

While I was there, I Factetimed with Carson and Susan while Carson was in India with the Lauv tour. Don’t show Susan this picture which is possibly the worst picture ever taken of her! :-D

Carson loves animals and he saw this picture of a cat in India and had to send it to us. Of course, Carson felt bad for him and thought he looked hungry.

I went to a few panels and seminars at the magic convention, but mostly I was there for the shows. This was kind of a combo where you’d watch a trick, then learn how to do it.

And yes, women do magic too! Duh! This is Juliana Chen, who was a world champion of magic. Yep, they actually have a world champion. This is part of her lecture…

And this is part of her act. Very theatrical and very impressive!

Oh and during the show, I was unlucky enough to sit RIGHT behind the tall guy with the largest head in the room. LOL!

Of course, there was plenty of close up magic too.

And I bought just a few tricks…The bird in the top row? Yep, that’s a magic trick too. Watch for it on my instagram Monday…@daveryankdwb

I took a ton more pictures and met a lot of fun and interesting people. Can’t wait to go back again next year!

Thanks for checking out my pictures!

Have a great week!


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