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Dave’s Birthday Weekend in Five Pictures

I went to Colorado on Friday to see my oldest sister Sharon for her birthday. And to get some random stuff done around the house there. Let’s dive into those five pictures!

So, this happened. My mom bought this Hummel figurine doll years before I was even born. Back in the day, people collected these and for awhile they were quite the thing. I’ve had this since my mom died and I decided to sell it on eBay. Only got like 12 dollars for it but I was happy to get it to someone who would enjoy it. BUT, Susan didn’t pack it the best possible way and it arrived to the buyer broken. No big deal that I have to reimburse the buyer, but it did make me sad that something that my mom treasured and has been in the family for so long is now garbage. Yeah, I wasn’t happy with Susan about this.

That’s me doing a wheelie! No, it’s not! I went to get my bike repaired at the Harley dealership and these two were doing wheelies and burnouts in the parking lot.

When you’re away from your pets, do you ask your partner or family to send you pictures because you miss them? I do!

My new favorite thing about my house in Colorado is the jacuzzi we had put in! The house is nothing fancy; it’s the house I grew up in, but we had this installed in June and it’s just awesome! Especially the peaceful view of the woods!

And that’s me, my niece Michelle, her son Jacob, my sister Vivian, my sister Donna, Michelle’s husband Jim and my sister Sharon. It was Sharon’s birthday Saturday and mine is Tuesday so we all went to Golden Coral to celebrate!

And that is it! I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks as always for looking at my five pictures!


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