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Dave’s State Fair Weekend in Five Pictures

They start counting down to the state fair in like what, March?

”Only 154 days to the Great Minnesota Sweat Together!”

Like STAAAAP! Let’s enjoy summer and not talk about the fair yet!

But I’m always happy when it’s here. It’s a pretty much universal thing that people in Minnesota like the fair, although some people just don’t for whatever reason.

Saturday I got to the fair about 9am and had planned on walking around for a few hours before our shift started at noon but ended up just hanging out at the KDWB booth meeting people who listen to our show!

So let’s get started on those pics!

These shirts were huge sellers! If you get it, you get it! It still amazes me how many people laugh at the “Dart Lick” inside joke. If you don’t get it, listen to the Minnesota Goodbye podcast!

A big thank you to law enforcement! And the deputy on the right! She brought me my first ever Pickle Pizza! Thanks! It was great!

Another fan of the “Takin’ Your Kids to School!” Shirt! If I remember right, she told me she’s a bus driver, so bonus points for her!

And Susan completed her second Wooble! I think Evelyn gets this one since Ava got the penguin!

And this was such a bad purchase it was kind of funny. My daughter Allison likes to paint. I saw this adorable little paintbox on Instagram complete with paints in those little square holes, brushes and a little easel of some kind to hold it all up. Well, it came in the mail and this is all it was. No paint, no brushes, no easel. And no instructions on how to get any of that. You can’t tell from this pic but it’s also about the side of a fun size Snickers bar. So, yeah completely worthless. Be careful what you order online!

I hope you had a great weekend whether it was at the fair, at the cabin or wherever you were!

BTW, we’ll be at the fair again on Thursday from 11-1pm. Hope I get to meet you!

Have a great week! Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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