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Dave's Morning Show Convention Trip in Just 16 Magical Pictures!

Well hello!

Last week I was in Dallas for a morning radio convention. Hundreds of radio people from around the country get together every year to trade ideas and talk about how the industry evolves, learn some tips and hang out and meet people.

This year was particularly special because I was honored with the "Kidd Kraddick Award." It's an annual award given by the previous year's winner to the person of their choice. Last year's winner, Mojo, from Detroit chose me. Yeah, I pretty much wet my pants with excitement over this! It truly was an honor and humbling to be chosen by someone like Mojo for this award.

I got into radio because I was sort of shy when I was in high school. I was fun and funny around my friends, but there was something about sitting inside a little booth by myself, yet entertaining and meaning something to people that really appealed to me. We all want to mean something, right?

I've loved radio since I was a kid but never in my craziest dreams could I ever have imagined being noticed by the radio industry. So thank you Mojo! But mostly, thank YOU for supporting me over the years. I always say, there would be no radio show if you weren't there to listen and I appreciate that more than you could know.

Let's move on to those pictures!

We stopped in the middle of nowhere at this winery, ONLY because the name was funny!

This is a little odd to visit but this clock tower is infamous for being the site of a mass shooting in 1966 when 15 people were killed by someone shooting from this tower. If you want to learn more about it, Google "Texas Clock Tower Shooting."

I'm a big history buff so in Dallas, we went to visit Dealey Plaza, the site of the JFK assassination. This street is exactly where he was shot. It's eerie and surreal that it's exactly where it happened and completely unchanged.

And this building Lee Harvey Oswald shot from. This is the window where he waited for the president to come by. He hid behind these boxes so no one in the building could see him.

Okay let's move on to the fun stuff! Some friends of mine and the cast of "The Joe Show." That's Mojo's son, Joe, in the black shirt. Like his dad, he does a radio show. Huge in Tampa!

This is Mojo. We've known each other forever. Great human and always happy.

Some radio friends of mine, Dennis and Randy are both talent coaches. Love them both!

That's Bob Pittman, the CEO of iHeart Radio. He was interviewed on stage and afterward, everyone wanted to meet him, including a deejay I met there named Sissy. I said, "Sissy, let's go meet him before everyone mobs him!" So we did!

That's Intern John who was on my show on KDWB from 2007 to about 2012. He has his own radio show now in DC, but he came to the convention just to support me and say a few words about the award. John always thanks me for giving him his start in radio, which I appreciate so much, but I know John would be big in radio even if we'd never met! And that's Elizabethany who is a huge rising star in radio!

Some radio friends of mine, Carla Marie and Anthony. Love these two and love seeing young people passionate about radio!

This is Dana Cortez, the winner of this year's Airblazer Award. Congratulations Dana!

I'd never met Ahmad Wilson from Houston before but he works at KRBE on the morning show and was kind enough to come up and tell me I'd been an influence on him. It's pretty amazing to hear that from someone who's like 1/3 of my age! Thanks Ahmad!

My good buddy Eric Rowe from KRBE in Houston.

The members of the panel I was on.

Kellie Rasberry, the host of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

And my buddies Danny and Robert. Yes, Danny is wearing mis-matched shoes!

And that's it! I hope you had a good week! Thanks as always for listening and supporting my show over the years and for taking time to look at these pictures. I appreciate you!


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