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Pretty Quiet Weekend in Five Photos

The weather in Minnesota was pretty great this weekend!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to enjoy it. BUT I’m not complaining because I was in Colorado. Susan and I were out here to check on some work that was done on the house.

We really didn’t do much because the weather was chilly (50 degrees or so) and it was drizzly. But we watched some movies, took a hike and went to, you guessed it, BUFFALO WILD WINGS!

So here comes my weekend in five pictures!

Friday night, I grilled some steaks. Cooking on charcoal ain’t easy and they were a LITTLE charred but they turned out fine!

Saturday was my actual 30th KDWB anniversary so we celebrated with breakfast at a super-swanky place called IHOP.

Usually there are a ton of birds at the Colorado house but I filled this and they barely ate any and I only saw a couple. Maybe they’re sitting on eggs? Who knows?

I talk sometimes about how I grew up on a chicken farm. Yep, here are the coops, but we didn’t call them that. We just called it “the chicken house.” This while boxes on the front is where the nests were so when they’d lay eggs, we’d just lift the white lids and pick up the eggs. I really should tear this down because it hasn’t been used in 40 years.

We went out for a hike Sunday and yep, there was a little bit of litter. Not as much as I see in Minnesota, which surprises me.

And that’s it! I hope you had a great weekend and got “five pictures” of your own, or more!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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