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Dave’s Long Weekend in About a Dozen Photos

And that’s a wrap! I don’t think I remember a better Memorial Day weekend with this weather. It was 10 degrees warmer than normal and no rain and no wind! This never happens in Minnesota! I have friends in Southern California who got rained on all weekend so we even beat them!

Here’s my weekend in about a dozen photos!

Friday night, Ava and Evelyn spent the night so we took them to the park. And again the next morning at 7:30, Ava wanted to go to the park, so off we went!

Ava getting on one of the little rides at the park. She found a pine cone and gave it a ride too. :-)

Saturday, I traded in my old bike and got this! I loved the color: “Prospector Gold.” Speaking of which, I hope to see you on Roger’s Recue Ride Saturday September 9th!

And we rode it out to Knuckleheads in Mayer for lunch.

Saturday we took our new inflatable kayak to Lake Minnewashta. Yes, I know my legs desperately need some color!

Sunday I went downtown to the farmer’s market. This place is beyond huge! It’s like a state fair of farmer’s markets!

I ran into my friend Chris with Mama Julie’s pickles. Honestly, the best pickles I’ve ever had.

After the farmer’s market I came home and smoked ribs.

And watched The Indy 500 on my iPad. The Indy is my favorite sporting event to watch, even above the Super Bowl.

After the Indy, it was back to Minnewashta beach.

And I made this little bedtime snack and yes, I did go a little overboard, but it was delish.

And I woke up to this on Monday morning. Carson and his buddies drove to Vegas from LA for the week.

Whew! That was a lot! I hope you had a great weekend too! And yay! It’s a short week!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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