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Carson’s Graduation and a Field Trip With Liam in 16 Pictures

I think some vacations seem really short because we spend a lot of time leisurely kinda hanging out, going to the beach and eating and drinking and that’s great! But there’s nothing to measure time by so all of a sudden it’s time to get back on the plane and come home.

This vacation was SO busy! First I went to Boston to Carson’s graduation, then to North Carolina to pick up Beth’s son Liam and go to Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg on a class field trip. So it was go-go-go the entire time!

And ya know what? Staying busy actually made the vacation seem long! I’m in the Wilmington airport as I write this and I’m ready to come home!

Here are 16 pictures from vacation!

The big moment! Four years of hard work! Congratulations Carson!

Usher was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Berklee and did a great speech! Listen to the show and I’ll tell you what he says is more important than class and learning!

The graduation ceremony was 3 hours long and Allison got a little hungry. I thought it was so weird they sold concessions during a graduation ceremony and watching people eat nachos while they watched their kid graduate.

Usher and his family at the pre-graduation party. It was so cool he was there. Berklee always does a great job of getting a huge speaker for graduation.

Carson and his roommates and friends.

Out seeing the sights in Boston.

Post-graduation celebration dinner!

One last photo in front of his school.

The pen I gave Carson for graduation. Read the story behind the pen on my Instagram, @daveryankdwb

Just having some beers and playing 3-13 with Carson and Allison.

Day after graduation, it was off to Wilmington, NC to get Liam and take him on a class field trip! That’s Liam and his sister Kelsea.

Before we left, we got a little chess board for the trip.

We’re at the jail at Colonial Williamsburg.

Liam with a horse at Colonial Williamsburg. I honestly didn’t take a ton of pictures there because I was trying to be “in the moment.”

Playing mini-golf after a long day at CW.

It was a great and very, very different vacation! I’m glad I got to spend some special time with two of my boys!

Thanks for looking at my pictures and have a great weekend!


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