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Dave’s Colorado Weekend in 5 Pictures. BONUS! It’s 2X Picture Week!


I flew out to Colorado on Wednesday to sort of recharge and work on my book. It’s been a great trip and even though I didn’t do anything terribly exciting, it was relaxing and I got a lot done on my book.

And I have some extra pictures I wanted to share with you, so forgive me for doubling the usual number!

Friday after the show, I went to the World War II Museum in Colorado Springs. I’d never been before and it was so interesting. Highly recommend if you visit the Springs.

Last November, 5 people were killed at an LGBTQ club in Colorado Springs. I used to play pool with friends in this building and I lived literally right next door to it. I just wanted to see it. So, so sad and somber to look at.

Right next door, that’s my first apartment! I lived on the second floor and those two window right between the trees are my old bathroom and bedroom.

Friday would have been my mom’s 99th birthday so I got flowers to put on the bench where mom and dad are scattered.

So, the flowers were so pretty and I figured the deer would eat them, so I left one orchid (Mom’s favorite) on the bench and brought the rest inside. I think she would have approved. :-)

On the way home I stopped at Target and was pretty proud of myself for remembering the reusable bags! Colorado now charges ten cents for every plastic bag you use, and I love that idea!

Saturday morning, I woke up to snow.

So I made a fire…

…and worked on my book. This shows how much I’ve written so far. Since this picture I think I’ve written a few thousand more words. I’m shooting for 40,000 so I still have a ways to go!

I did take a break and play Advance Wars, which just came out Friday for Nintendo Switch!

And that’s it!

I hope you had a good weekend! As always, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to look at my pictures. That means a lot.


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