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Dave's Trip to See Chase and Carson in Arizona!

Coming back to the rain and clouds and cold after a week of 80 degrees and sun is rough! But it's supposed to be SPRING this weekend so I'll just look forward to that!

Here come a buncha pictures from my vacation in Arizona!

We took a train from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon. I've done it before and it's a great trip. Takes about 2 hours and there's snacks and drinks on board. If you ever want to go, just search Grand Canyon Railway. NOT an endorsement, cuz ya boy paid full price!

Inside the scenic "Dome" car.

They stage a robbery on the trip which was cool but we gave them money as part of the schtick, then another robber came and wanted money so I gave him a 20 and asked for change! He gave me back a handful of money and ran so basically he took $11 bucks without asking, which was annoying and funny at the same time.

On the South Rim. I hiked the Grand Canyon with the Boy Scouts when I was 13 and that was by far the biggest adventure of my life to that point. South Rim to North Rim and back. Took a week!

Friday night we went to the Suns game.

I saw this REMARKABLE piece of art in a gallery! Falen, can you paint this???

Chase and Carson comparing shoes while we wait for a table at Benihana.

Chase made me a martini. He didn't have olives so he used a pickle and it was legit!

And we played pool! Chase and Maddie soundly beat me and Carson.

And we hung out at the hotel pool on Saturday with Chase and Maddie. It was SO nice to feel sun and warm!

And that's it! How was your week? Hope it was good!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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