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Dave's "Dad Shirt" Weekend in Five Pictures!

A few weeks ago, Evelyn was visiting (Allison's daughter) and she loves it when I carry her around the house. If I sit down or put her down, she would cry. Well, two problems: I can't carry her all the time, and my arms get tired! I talked about this on the radio and someone suggested I get a Lalabu dad shirt.

More on that later...Let's kick off my weekend in five pictures!

First off, Carson is working behind the scenes on America's Got Talent in Pasadena! It's the actual recording of the show with the celebrity judges. He's kind of a show-runner, meaning whatever they need him for, he does it. But he loves it and he's happy to be working in the entertainment field! He took this during a break.

People in Minnesota are getting impatient for some warm weather! Normally, we'd have hit 50 degrees by this time of the year, but it still hasn't happened. But that didn't stop this rider from getting their motorcycle out! In fact, I saw two motorcycles out this weekend!

Here's that dad shirt! It worked great! I wish I could remember the name of the person who listens to my show that recommended it to me! If you're a parent and want to check them out, there's a link at the end of this post.

Josie and I went on two long walks this weekend. Lots of ice and puddles but worth it!

And I made this delicious crockpot potato soup on Sunday. It has bacon, lots of cheese and sour cream so you know it's good! Recipe is later in this post!

And that is it!

Here's the link to the dad shirt. Just to be clear, I'm not getting reimbursed or paid to talk about it. I spent my own money on it and paid full price.

And here's the crockpot potato soup recipe.

As always, thank you for looking at my blog! I appreciate it!

Have a great week!


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