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I Left the House This Weekend! Five Pictures That Prove It!

Okay, I DO like leaving the house on weekends, it's just that I don't mind staying home either! There's always something to do or to get done at home, BUT there's a great big world out there and sometimes I need to go check it out!

Let's start on Friday. I came back to the iHeart building to play Password on KFAN with The Common Man, Lil' B, and Mark Rosen. Mark and I teamed up and made a solid effort but still fell a little short.

Friday night we went out to one of our local favorites, The Victoria Burrow. We ran into this couple and they both listen to KDWB and they bought us drinks! So shout out to Angela and Chad! Thanks for the drinks!

Saturday afternoon, I went over to Lake Minnewashta Regional Park to go cross-country skiing. I have only been 3 times this year but I love it!

After that, we picked up Ava and Evelyn and we took them to Snuffy's Malt Shop in Minnetonka. I'd never been! What a great place and great food! I'm drawing Ava while she watches. Art is not my thing!

Sunday afternoon, I took Ava sledding for the first time in our back yard. She loved it so much! I've never heard her laugh so loud! Every time we got to the bottom she's laugh and say "Again! Again!"

Now I'm making sausage-stuffed meatloaf with potatoes in the crockpot and later I'll watch "The Last of Us" cuz ya know, I like to stay home!

I hope you had a good weekend!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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