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Dave's Weekend in Five Glorious Pictures!

Okay, honestly? Nothing too exciting this weekend but I did stay busy! Not everything I did do I have a picture of. For example, Sunday night I played mini-golf on my Oculus Quest with a friend and that was fun, but I don't have pictures. I watched Ava and Evelyn but no pictures.

But here's what I DO have pictures of!

This is the giant snow pile in my yard. It was halfway on the driveway thanks to Susan's less-than-adequate snow blowing skillz, so I had to hack it down and stack it higher so I could get my car out of the garage.

Here are the pets being adorable by the fire. BTW, people see the silver little figure by the fireplace and wonder what it is. Can you tell?

Saturday I went to Lake Minnewashta Park to do some cross-country skiing. Only the second time I've been out this year. I still love it!

On Saturday we went to the RV show in St. Cloud. I really want an RV because it just sounds awesome to travel around the country living in one of these!

They're just amazing inside. And they have everything. Yes, a smaller version, but still...Everything!

And that's it! Thanks for checking out my pictures!

Have a great week!


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