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A Weekend SO Dull I Barely Have Five Pictures to Show For It!

Friday I came home and took a nap and then uhhhhhhh, played on my phone. There were a couple of highlights but I sure hope your weekend was more interesting than mine!

This was my Friday night until about 7:30 when Susan got home from work. Just hanging, playing on the phone. Roger enjoying the fire.

Friday night we went to Victoria Burrow. Try the brisket! It's pretty amazing!

Saturday I went with a friend to see "Megan". It was good in the way a haunted house is good. Predictable and funny but overall pretty silly and well worth it.

Can you identify this bird? It's a House Sparrow. Yes, I spent part of the morning feeding and watching birds #Nerd But it's relaxing and kinda fun! Sort of like an aquarium you don't have to clean.

I don't think most people know it but Sunday's not a day off for me. I sit in my office and work on the show and help other shows and write content for the week and plan ahead. So this was my view most of Sunday. And yes, that's a globe in the corner. Susan got it for me years ago and I'm not sure why. :-)

Did you have a good weekend? I hope so! Thanks for taking time to look at my pictures!


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