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Dave’s Family Trip to San Diego (Don’t Miss Number 9!)

Well hello!

My birthday was in October, and the whole family took a trip to San Diego last week to celebrate. It was the first time we’ve all been together since Allison’s wedding in 2018 so it was long overdue!

Let’s get started!

Day one! I stopped by to see my friends Geena and Frankie who do a big radio show in San Diego. Love these two to pieces!

We rented a house on the bay side in San Diego. This was our view out the back door.

Love this picture of Chase and Carson laughing about something on Carson’s phone!

Beth and her family got there the next day. That’s Beth, Marcus, Liam and Kelsea with Chase. Lots of hanging out and chatting and watching football and playing games because it rained the first four days of the trip.

I took Ava out for a long walk. She is so fun now! She talks and laughs and asks “Why?” Over and over and over!

Beth’s son Liam and I out kayaking.

I’ve always wanted to see the aircraft carrier Midway museum. I love that history stuff!

On the deck of the Midway.

I realized I didn’t get a picture of Allison’s husband Justin the entire trip, so I drew this highly accurate rendition of him. You’re welcome, Justin!

I ALMOST forgot to get a picture of me with all my kids, but here it is!

Carson, Chase and I rented skateboards. Yes, I can still keep up with the boys!

We went to Sea World and they have an aquarium full of fish that nibble off your dead skin. Apparently Marcus has a lot of dead skin because they went NUTS over his hand!

That’s us at the top of a roller coaster at Sea World. I’m 3rd from the right in the front row.

The San Diego Zoo was incredible. Yes, we got lost there and had to ask for directions to get out. And this is by far the closest I’ll ever be to a tiger!

I saw this propeller hat at the zoo and was telling the kids that when I was little, I wanted one SO BAD because I honestly thought I could fly if I had one.

Wednesday, it was just me, Susan and Carson. We went golfing and yes, I 10-putted on one hole.

And that’s it!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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