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Dave's Christmas Vacation in a Bunch of Pictures..Don't Miss Number Ten!


I hope you had a great holiday and got days off work and spent time with the people you care about! And I hope you got that Mercedes you wanted! What? You didn't? You got another pair of slippers? Oh, well shoot! I hope they're comfy!

Here comes my Christmas vacation in a bunch of pictures. Thanks in advance for looking!

Christmas Eve, we went to the Vikings game. That one was a good one! The latest one? Not so much.

Coolest thing for me? Getting on the JumboTron! I think they were trying to get the kid behind me with his shirt off, but I was on three times and it was pretty cool!

I had so many old t-shirts I never wore but didn't want to throw away, so this was my big present this year. And I love it!

And another great present!

We played that game where you have to unroll a ball of Saran Wrap to win prizes. Kind of a family tradition and I always suck at it!

Like most parents, we have a ton of printed pictures in the basement, so I got Susan two boxes to organize photos in. Well, because most of the pictures are of my family, I did all the organizing. Over 100 years worth and many 1000's of pictures. I went through every single one and got threw away probably 4 out of 5. What one specific thing did I notice made a picture worth saving? I'll tell you on the radio or if you miss it, email me at daveryan@kdwb.com

I found this in our pictures boxes. Allison made it when she was maybe 10, for the Hillary Duff concert. I asked Allison if she wanted to keep it and she said no, so after 20 years in the basement, it went in the trash.

Oh, here's a picture I saved. Can you name the guy on the right?

We went to Enki Brewing in Victoria and played bingo. We didn't win but it was fun!

I ALWAYS drop food on my shirt when I eat. I can't help it. I've ruined so many shirts, even shirts I was wearing for the first time. SO, I cut a hole in a towel and made this giant bib. You are welcome to steal this idea!

EIGHT deer in the yard. They're eating the birdseed I used for traction when I got the rental car stuck in the snow.

We are the biggest savers and haven't bought anything fun or expensive in years so we got this for the Colorado house backyard! I can't wait till they put it in! Do you have a spa? Do you use it?

New Years Eve was pretty tame. I'm watching Rockin' New Year's Eve and this is New Edition.

And New Years Day we went out for a walk.

And that's it!

Back to the real world now! I hope you have a great week!

And thanks for looking at my pictures!


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