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Flying, Another Crockpot Recipe and Three More Pics From the Weekend!

Hello there!

Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was pretty ordinary for me. We watched the Casey Anthony series on Peacock. It's interesting how the series tries to convince us that maybe she's innocent. Pretty biased if you ask me, but then again, she was found not guilty. But still.

ANYWAY! I did more than just watch TV! Here are five pics from my weekend!

Saturday mornings, I get up, have coffee and watch the birds. It's peaceful and gives me a chance to kind of figure out what I'm doing with the day.

We used to go to Mall of America almost every weekend when Allison was little. Now we go about 3 times a year, but I still love it! Dinner at Rain Forest Cafe'. This is our "Falen Expression." LOL!

Susan went to Loft, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked these up!

Sunday morning was a beautiful morning for flying! See pics and videos on Instagram @daveryankdwb

You know I love my crockpot! Last weekend I made enchilada casserole and on Friday I asked Falen what I should make this weekend. She suggested Swedish Meatballs. They look a little dry so I'm gonna make some more gravy here in a second to remedy that.

And that's it! Have a good week! Thanks for listening to KDWB and THANKS for looking at my pics!


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