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Dave’s Weekend in Five Pictures: Murder, Skateboarding and Family

You may have gotten an inkling by listening to the show that I love my kids. This weekend, I flew out to see my son Chase in Phoenix. We hung out, caught up, laughed and had a good time with his wife Maddie and his mom, Julie. Yep, that Julie. We don’t fight anymore and actually enjoy being around each other!

So let’s get started with those pictures, shall we?

Chase works at a TV station in Phoenix as a reporter. He was doing a story about owls swooping down and carrying off small pets. He came by his house to use his own dog and cat as visuals. I helped him frame the shot which I was super-proud of and watched him do his thing. He does such a great job! He won an Emmy not long ago…Did I mention that? ;-)

Speaking of pets, this is his cat, Mavis. He found her abandoned when he worked in Yuma and she’s been spoiled ever since! Mavis and I got up early Saturday and just hung outl

When you stay at someone’s house and ask, “Is there anything you need me to do?”, be prepared.

Chase and I used to ride skateboards together all the time so I really wanted to do that. Not gonna lie, it’s been awhile and I was kinda nervous but it went great! See the video on my Instagram, @daveryankdwb

I had never played a “Solve the Mystery” game but we played with Maddie on Saturday night and it was so cool! We actually got it right and we had a really good time! Have you played one of these before? I brought it home and I’m gonna give it away to someone on Monday’s show!

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks as always for looking at my pics!

Have a good week!


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