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Gopher Game, Ava and More in Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures

I mean, what about this weather? If you've lived in Minnesota awhile, you know we could very easily be seeing 30 degrees, grey skies and snow or rain. So WOW! I hope you got out and enjoyed this cuz you know it ain't gonna last!

Here's some pictures from my weekend!

Friday afternoon, I took my girl Josie out for a 3 mile walk. She loves all the smells in the leaves!

This is Allie. She does a radio show in Cincinnati and she asked if we could meet to talk radio. I love helping young people in radio and we talked and talked!

I hadn't been to a Gopher game in years. We found tickets for like $125 that were indoors, unlimited food and cushy seats! We loved it, AND the Gophers won!

Susan's cat, Roger, snuggled up in his favorite place.

Ava helping make cookies, while Josie patrols for anything that gets dropped.

And that's it! The weather stays nice all this week so enjoy it while you can! And remember, Motion equals Emotion, so keep moving for your mental health!

Have a great week and thanks for looking at my pics!


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