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This Crap Isn't Art! Or Is It??

"Art" like this cracks me up. Here's an email from a listener who feels the same way I do.

Hi morning show crew!

I had to write in about the worst piece of art I have ever seen in my life. I think it’s considered a sculpture? But is honestly a pile of garbage. This beautiful new building was recently built in St Louis Park and has really spruced up the corner of Excelsior Blvd and 38th St…and then they top it off with this rusted piece of shit. 

I drive or walk past this thing multiple times a day and I get so annoyed every time I see it. Who the F actually thinks this is art?!! Some scrap metal from the dump would look better. I cringe thinking about how much this cost. 

I thought especially Dave would appreciate this - because it’s far worse than the cherry and the spoon! It’s so bad I’m not sure even the Walker would take it 😂

Anyway, rant over. Please enjoy the attached photos

Also - curious if any other listeners in the SLP/uptown area share my frustrations?!

What do you think? I definitely hope no public money went to buying this s**t.

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