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Sign Up For Roger's Rescue Ride! September 17...Let's Ride!

I love doing this every year! First year, we went southwest toward Arlington and Henderson. Last two years were along the Minnesota River past Redwing.

This year, we're bringing it way back up northwest, starting in St. Micheal.

Sign up here.

And here's some info on the ride!

Early Bird Tickets! $30 for driver and $30 for rider (Early bird ends August 22nd) includes bandanas and t-shirts

August 23rd until September 12th - $35 for driver and $35 for rider includes t-shirts

Day of $40 for driver and $40 for rider includes t-shirts

This year we are promoting our inaugural virtual ride. This is an opportunity for people to support Roger’s Rescue Ride from home if you do not ride a motorcycle. For $25, you can “ride” virtually and receive a Roger’s Rescue Ride t-shirt.

Sign up link below!

Kickstands up at 9:00am!

Ride Starts at:

American Legion - 14 Main St South, St Michael, Mn 55376


First Stop:

Baily Ray’s Roadhouse - 2120 165th Ave NE, Santiago, Mn 55377


Lunch at:

Waterfront Lakeside Grill - 13195 Bayview Rd, South Haven, MN 55382


Last Stop:

Big Bore BBQ - 10940 4th St NE, Hanover, MN 55341


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