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Dave’s. Weekend in Five Pictures: Canoeing Version

Friday was kind of a “change-of-plans” weekend. Friday night, I was supposed to take Marshall flying. He listens to our show and won a flight, BUT the wind was was too strong, so we bumped it to Sunday. Sunday, the airport called me and told me the plane wasn’t working right. Well, shoot, but I got a lot of stuff in anyway!

Let‘s get started!

Saturday night we went to the Carver County Fair. It’s a bit of a challenge to walk around a fair and not eat delicious fat stuff. I did pretty good, just a pork chop on a stick, a pickle on a stick and a chicken wrap.

And I had to look at the chickens. This is a leghorn, the exact breed my family raised when I was growing up.

My daughter Allison is big and pregnant and had been looking for something to do when the babies go to bed other than playing on her phone and watching TV. A listener emailed and suggested she order a particular art kit. And Allison did and she loved it! She made this Sunday morning!

This is Patty from my ukulele club canoeing on Lake Ann. Canoeing was on her summer bucket list and she knew I like to canoe so off we went!

And the sunnies were biting! We probably caught 10 or so, most of them tiny, but it was fun.

I hope you had a great weekend! Thanks as always for looking at my pictures!


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