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Dave's Nephew's Grad Party Weekend in Five Pictures!

I know the weather was iffy in Minnesota and I hate to say this but it was pretty much gorgeous in Colorado. I came out Friday because I need a new hot water heater for the house there but also for my nephew's grad party. And BONUS! Chase and his wife Maddie came up at the last minute from Albuquerque!

So here we go!

Saturday I rode my motorcycle up into the mountains past a town called Deckers. There were so many people in the campgrounds and fishing and picnicking. It was great. I found a very quiet spot along a river and just sat and played my ukulele for an hour or so.

"Motorcycles Use Extreme Caution" is right! Lots of twists and turns in the mountains!

I love going in to Petco and just looking at the pets. Maybe you've heard I want a pet rat. (Actually they thrive in pairs so I want TWO) I even googled, "Are pet rats allowed on airplanes?" thinking I might buy them and bring them home. Nope, they're not.

Off to the grad party! That's my nephew Jacob. And he plans to go to my old school, Pikes Peak Community College! Excellent choice!

This cracked me up. Chase has Star Wars sneakers and he stepped in dog poop at the grad party. He must have spent an hour cleaning it out of the tread while Maddie handed him Clorox wipes!

Had to embarrass Chase with this picture!

Monday, Chase, Maddie and I went to The Denver Biscuit Company. It was amazing and fattening and calorie laden but worth it!

And Monday afternoon we went to the pool at their hotel and sat in the jacuzzi and talked and laughed and had the best time. I love those two!

I hope you had a good, long weekend! Thanks for looking at my pictures and we'll see you on the radio!


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