The 1994 KDWB Mission Statement Coin

I found this coin going through some old stuff in the basement. It's about the size of the palm of your hand. Here's the front:

And there's the back. In case it's too hard to read, it says:

"We the employees of KDWB are very proud of our radio station and our heritage. For 35 years, first as 630 AM, KDWB has served the Twin Cities communities of Minneapolis/St. Paul and their suburbs. Later as 101.3 KDWB-FM, we have continued not only to serve in the community, but have become even more involved in charitable events showing our deep commitment to all our listeners. As it states in our mission statement, "we will provide exciting radio to the people in our listening area, our presentation will include fun personalities, energetic and informative radio mixed with great music and exciting contests..." It goes on to say, "we will be leaders in our community, contribute to teh Minnesota quality of life and will be honest and forthright while adapting to the needs of the community." As we go forward, to the next 35 years, it is with pride and the hope for continued excellence that we the employees of 101.3 KDWB welcome you to share this monumental 35th Anniversary. -Marc H. Kalman, General Manager

I love this. Marc was the guy who hired me along with Mark Bolke and David Martin back in 1993. All of them great people and great broadcasters.

Just wanted to share this little piece of KDWB history with you.


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