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Dave’s Most Boring Weekend Ever in Five Photos

Every weekend, I get a picture or two or maybe more that are kinda cool and exciting! I think, “Oh wow, this will be great for my Weekend in Five Pictures.

Yeah, not this week. I’ve been in Colorado since Wednesday and honestly, I didn’t do anything exciting. I was going to ride the motorcycle up into the mountains but it was too cold. I went to be early and slept late. I drank coffee and watched “The Thing About Pam” on Hulu. And uh…well, not much else.

Here’s my five pics as testament that it was pretty slow. Side note: I didn’t mind at all! Slow and boring is a good mental break sometimes!

This picture isn’t even mine. It’s Carson’s first legal drink on his 21st birthday on Friday!

There were SEVEN deer in my yard Saturday so I tried to get them to come close with this corn on the cob. They were definitely curious but wouldn’t come any closer than this.

I went to Carl’s Jr. for lunch on Saturday downtown Colorado Springs and ate in the park. I’m sure I looked like the lonely guy who was eating by himself but I actually really enjoyed it. (I told you this was a slow weekend!)

I drove up into the mountains on Saturday. This is the north side of Pikes Peak. Not nearly as scenic and geometrically pretty as the east face of Pikes Peak.

And my favorite little place in Woodland Park, Colorado for a beer and a snack. If you’re ever there, check it out!

That’s it! I hope YOUR weekend was way more exciting! Thanks for looking at my pics!


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