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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: Ava's First Haircut!

It was cold, but it was still a good weekend! Here's mine in five pictures!

Saturday and Sunday mornings are just great. I get to sleep in, then get up and have coffee and do whatever I want to do for a couple of hours. When I was in Hawaii, I bought one of those word puzzle books at the airport and devoured it! My favorite puzzle is Quotefalls. It's challenging like Wordle, but there's really no luck involved so it's just fun. #NerdAlert

Saturday I watched Ava for a few hours while Allison and Justin got lunch and went furniture shopping. She was great and let me read Dr. Seuss to her. And Saturday afternoon, she got her first haircut!

I LOVE The Beatles! Saturday night, we went downtown to see their stage musical "Rain" which is basically a Beatles concert but it's so much more than a cover band. It's awesome. I think I've seen it about 5-6 times.

I will say, I was really surprised that the theater wasn't full. Every time I've seen them, it's been packed if not sold out. I think it's because a lot of people still don't feel safe coming downtown. I felt very safe, but you have to remember, most people that come downtown for concerts, shows and sporting events, don't come down very often and if their perception is "Downtown Minneapolis is dangerous" then that's a problem.

I love my coffee! I found this one-cup French Press coffee maker at Home Goods.

Sunday, went to the motorcycle show at the River Center in St. Paul and then to Boca Chica for a late lunch.

Hope you had a great weekend! Cross your fingers for warmer Spring weather!

As always, thanks for looking at my blog!


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