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Dave's Weekend in Five Photos: Ava, Carson and a Flight to St. Cloud

We couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend! I hope you got outside. I know you got outside!

Here's my weekend in five pictures!

Josie hadn't had a haircut in months so she looked totally different when I picked her up Friday. So cute and surprisingly, so skinny! I've been over-feeding her all weekend!

Saturday, Carson and I randomly flew to St. Cloud. (see the pics on my Instagram: @daveryankdwb) He found a GREAT little burger place. Highly recommend!

Ava came over Saturday to spend the night. Here she is trying her very first jelly beans!

Time to get the motorcycles ready for Spring!

I told Carson he needed to pick up dog poop, which was his job when he lived at home. He didn't want to and I had to remind him of all the stuff we do for him. That helped. He's growing up. :)

And that's it! I truly hope you had a good weekend! These warmer and longer days are a huge lift to the spirit!

Thanks for looking at my pictures!


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