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Dave's Trip to Boston to See Carson and Journey in Concert in 9 Pictures!

A few months ago, Carson asked me to come to Boston to see Journey in concert with him. Well, I didn't want to pass that up! (See: "Story About How I'll Always Regret Turning Down Chase's Invitation to Go See David Letterman Together")

So I flew out Sunday and we hung out all day Sunday, all day Monday and saw the concert on Monday night. It was incredible, but honestly, the best part by far, was hanging out with Carson. Here we go!

Sunday we wandered around everywhere. We went to Boston Common, which is kind of Boston's version of Central Park. We went to his school. And we dropped by his apartment to get him stuff so he could stay at the hotel with me. We didn't mean to go to such a fancy place for dinner but this is where we ended up on Sunday night.

I took this of him in his apartment where he lives with 4 other guys. He loves them and he loves living there. I told him to enjoy it cuz it'll be one of his favorite times of his life.

Monday, we got breakfast at a popular place his friends had told him about. I said, "Smile, Carson!" and this is the look I got. LOL!

We went to the Museum of Fine Arts kind of on a whim and it was really cool! We both enjoyed it way more than we expected!

This is one of the highlights: It's a painting of George Washington that was never completed but was copied and hung in so many schools and public places and is the face on the dollar bill. Pretty crazy to actually see the original!

We went to his school and looked around. This is The Red Room where a lot of smaller acts play for students. I can't name many but I know Why Don't We and The Lumineers played here. It only holds about 100 people so it's super-intimate.

Outside The Red Room, I saw this old poster advertising Berklee's radio and TV program from WAY back in the day. I don't think they've offered it in many, many years.

Monday night! Waiting for the show to start!

And Journey was awesome! Toto opened for them and they were also amazing! I'm glad Carson likes the classics!

That's it! Thanks for looking at my long weekend in Boston!


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