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KDWB Listener's Class Ring Lost for 34 Years Found; Where Was It??

A few days ago, we asked people to call the show and tell us about something important they lost; a wedding ring, money, a wallet, etc.

Janelle told us the story of losing her class ring THIRTY FOUR years ago and finding it just last fall.

Here's Janelle's story.

Hi, I was listening last week and heard people sharing stories of things they had lost and wanted to share what I had lost.

In 1987 I was a senior in high school and had a super cute class ring, that I loved. I ended up losing it the fall of 1987 and was very upset as my parents had paid for it and I felt terrible.

Fast forward to September of 2021, I received an DM on FB from a stranger saying she believed she had found something of mine, I asked her what she could have possibly found and she sent back a picture of my class ring! Luckily my name and high school were engraved on it and she tracked me down.

I received the ring in the mail a few days later and it still fit! She found it while gardening in her backyard! I used to go to a dance club back in high school. It was torn down years ago, and the woman who found my ring owns the land the dance club was on. Pretty amazing!

I would also like to add I have been listening to Dave and KDWB since the early 90's and actually won $450 on some game in 1998, I needed that money so bad at the time- and was so grateful for it. Anyway, I listen every day, thank you for making morning routine fun! Have a great day!

Janelle Lopez

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