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Dave's Weekend in Five Pictures: There's a WHAT on My Porch?

Holy buckets! it was cold this weekend! Friday was what? 16 below? And Sunday's high was 3? Well, it is the coldest time of the year I guess. In spite of the cold, I hope you had a good weekend!

Let's get to those pictures!

Friday, Susan and I went out to Enki Brewing in Victoria. You gotta try the nachos! And as always, she beat me in Rumikub. My mind just doesn't work numbers like her's does.

I found this odd little thing on my front porch on Saturday morning. It's a branch from a Christmas tree, propped up with a bunch of snow. What IS this? Some sort of cult worship symbol? Some prank? So I looked on my Ring camera and mystery solved. The Boy Scouts came by to pick up our tree and one of them decided to be funny cuz he knew it was my house, and leave me this little present. And ya know what? I left it there and it's still there right now! It was actually really sweet that he took the time to leave that for me.

Carson's friend Matt came in from Boston. They went to MOA, Paisley Park Studios, the Vikings game AND I took them both flying on Saturday. Check out my Instagram for more pics @daveryankdwb. I was super-proud to be able to do something like this with my son and his friend. :-)

Saturday night, Carson had ELEVEN boys in the basement. I love seeing all their shoes by the front door, cuz these moments are rare now that Carson is in college. And shout out to Josie for inspecting all the shoes.

Falen has a bird picture on her Weekend in Five Pictures, so I thought I would too. This is a blue jay on my feeder on Sunday morning. He's beautiful but Blue Jays are scavengers and eat other bird's eggs, so they're not my favorite.

And that's it! It's gonna be an interesting week with Falen and Jenny both out with Covid and Drake still recovering. Check out our show this week to see how we hold up!

And as always, thanks for looking at my pictures!


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